There are many benefits to having your home built from the ground up. Brand new–and reliable–home systems like plumbing and HVAC, modern amenities, and the unlikely need for major repairs are just a few that home builders look forward to enjoying. Ofcourse, the major benefit is the ability to customize the home–to customize those materials, the floor plan, and other features that make a house a dream home. John Cloud Construction inspires clients to dream big–to consider the customizations that will truly enhance their lifestyle and make everyday living a joy. If you’re reflecting on new home plans, consider all the ways you can customize your home’s construction.

Floor Plan

From traditional to open, floor plans are entirely customizable when you build your own home. How do you want your home to flow for you, your household, or even your pets? There are hundreds of floor plan templates that you can research, but John Cloud Construction can revise any plan to suit your particular style and preferences.

Natural Light

Why opt for standard windows that only let in a limited amount of sunlight? You can include floor-to-ceiling windows in your new residential construction. Enjoy your landscape or garden view with an entire bank of windows. You can also include skylights as you prepare your design plans.


When you have your home constructed, you can choose its materials. What works for you? Consider a brick exterior, tile roof, hardwood or eco-friendly bamboo flooring, cedar closets, crown molding, steel security doors, and much more. Talk to the designers of John Cloud Construction about energy-efficient and low-maintenance materials as you develop your home’s design.

Don’t be afraid to create a design that encompasses your preferences and needs. Our team has the expertise to find the best construction solutions to build the home of your dreams.