At John Cloud Construction, we’re known for creating beautiful custom homes using the highest quality materials. With the economy in recession due to COVID-19, you might expect all kinds of construction materials to be more readily available. The reality is that the global pandemic has disrupted the supply chain, leading to delays in many construction jobs. So, what exactly is going on?

Essentially, the pandemic has created a domino effect. Social distancing has limited the number of people available to work all over the world. With fewer people working, many companies are not able to ship orders as quickly. When an order is delayed, it causes further delays down the line that eventually impact many construction projects.

For example, the parts needed to make an item are often manufactured in one country while the item itself is assembled in another before being shipped to a third country like the United States for eventual use in construction. If manufacturing output is down sharply due to coronavirus in the first country, then factories in the second country won’t get the parts they need to assemble the item. Suddenly construction projects all over the third country will find it much harder to order that item. These delays are affecting everything from windows to door-locks as the pandemic continues.

At John Cloud Construction, we’re doing our best to stay ahead of this situation by anticipating delays and ordering materials as far in advance as possible. You can help us avoid delays in your custom home construction project by contacting us as far ahead of time as you can manage. The sooner we know what you’ll need to build your custom home, the less chance that a delay will affect your project.

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