You have always wanted to build the home of your dreams. Maybe you have wanted to remodel to fit you better. A Sandpoint, Idaho general contractor who can help with either of those goals is close by and, as we like to say, small enough to listen; big enough to deliver. We can help you realize your dreams whether you need to do a small remodel or a huge custom home. 

When you are looking for a Sandpoint, Idaho general contractor, you may have any number of goals in mind. Maybe you want to turn that empty space above the garage into a bonus room, customized for gaming and a total theater experience. With the pandemic dragging on, you may well want to build your space into the experiences you are missing.

Or perhaps you finally found the perfect lot for the home you’ve always wanted. You know what rooms you want, the look you are going for, which direction it needs to face to capture the sunshine or the amazing view. You have every little detail planned out, but you need someone who won’t try to impose their ideas onto your vision for your home.

A custom builder who listens is critical to realizing your dream. We only offer advice and opinions if they are critical to a safe structure or if you want to hear what we know. Our job and focus are your happiness, and we listen first.

But don’t let our small-town values make you think we can’t deliver on any plans you have. Browse our galleries and you will see the finest custom work and amazing attention to detail. We treat you like we want to be treated, and that means hearing your ideas and making them come to life in a way that we can still be proud of 50 years from now.