If you are looking for Sandpoint Idaho custom builders, you have a great option with John Cloud Custom Homes. Custom homes aren’t defined by being huge, costly, and super high end. Custom homes are homes that aren’t built to a fixed, unalterable pattern. They are homes that are designed by the people who will live in them, homes that fit the family. And they aren’t out of reach for people wanting the right fit.

Most of us dream of a home that completely fits us. Sandpoint Idaho custom builders can help you create exactly what you want, and if you start by telling us your budget, we can help you fit into it—immediately or in stages.

Having a home that fits your lifestyle is a dream come true for most of us. Whether you want to have a pool inside, a hot tub with a view, a massive gaming and video room…or a quiet library, a kitchen that is a gathering place for family, or a deck/patio area that is another living space, having a custom builder who sees your vision and makes it come to life is a dream come true.

A big part of making these dreams work is you. When you see that kitchen gathering place, how do you see it? Morning light streaming through the windows? That detail helps us set the house at the correct compass direction and make the window the right height and size. When you think video and gaming room, do you all sit in beanbags or theater chairs? Do you see a balcony with a great view of trees already on your property?

You are the heart of the home you want to have. Our goal is to translate what you want into a livable space with you at the center.