If you need a modern home builder in Sandpoint, Idaho, we have the team for you. Why a team? Because attention to detail is critical in building a custom home, perfectly suited to the people who will live there, and we need experts in a lot of fields to ensure you get the quality that will make your home still wonderful in 20 years, 50 years, or more.

A modern home builder in Sandpoint, Idaho has to be qualified in a lot of areas. Unlike log cabins of old, modern homes have to pass a lot of inspections, so we have people who understand how to make sure a home passes code inspections in electrical wiring, plumbing, framing, insulation, and every other component that affects your comfort and safety.

Homes built 75 years ago relied on plaster and chicken wire, which did a great job at being strong and stopping noise, but modern materials for framing and insulation can give you more options than just one material. You can learn about the options and work with us to have exactly the home you want—in the open and behind the walls.

Homes built even 20 years ago didn’t have the options for flooring that modern homes have. They didn’t have the same materials for walls and paint and light fixtures (LED’s were barely recognized 20 years ago!). You want a builder who is up to speed on everything that is important, proven, and critical now, and you want one who can take all of that knowledge and apply it to your dream plans.

Even if all you need is an addition or a remodel, you want someone who will make it sound, make it comfortable, and make it according to your specifications. That is what we do.