Custom homes are the way to go in today’s world, but where do you find affordable custom home builders in Sandpoint? Well, you’re here, so you know how to use a good search engine on the internet.  And you probably know how to search reviews to find out who has satisfied customers and who is reliable.  But do you know what to look for when you are reading those reviews and sorting through the websites?


When you are trying to find affordable custom home builders in Sandpoint, you may be asking yourself how you know what questions to ask, which keywords matter in those reviews.  These are good questions.  “Affordable” isn’t the only important factor, and “custom homes” is a phrase that gets applied to everything from you get to choose the carpet and paint colors to you get to help design from the ground up.  Here are a few tips to help you stay on the right track.


First, a good custom home builder will sit down with you and consult about your needs and wants.  It is pretty hard to have a home that you love on day one and you still wouldn’t change a thing in year 20. So what really matters to you.  Look for reviews that say the builder listens and can help you make the changes you want and need.


Second, “affordable” can mean very different things, so ask about price per square foot, and remember to find out the average for right now. With materials prices going up, what someone said was good six months ago isn’t relevant today.  Do your homework.


And then look at some homes that the builder has done. Does that home look like the level of quality you want?


In a busy market, you can get a lot of reassurances.  Find the builder who will work with you to make your custom dream home a reality.