One of the best things every summer is finding a parade home in Sandpoint, Idaho.  The parade of custom homes showcases the best of design and custom building, and every home owner or prospective home owner can find what they need to inspire them for their own homes.


Looking at a parade home in Sandpoint, Idaho probably means to you that the time is here for visiting and planning and dreaming.  The parade showcases the best architecture, design, landscaping, and quality building that are available today. You can find ideas to customize the space you are already in as well as inspiration for the dream home you hope to build next year or in the next five years.


When new ideas come out, the parade of homes is where we all go to see them in action.  Thirty years ago, playrooms off the kitchen and under the stairs were all the rage. They were followed by hidden playrooms with adventurous slides to descend, semi-detached mother-in-law apartments, and fanciful murals in lofts and basements.


Every year, newer ideas surface in fountains, woodworking, window treatments, and game rooms. People who are still finding their taste, find it at the parade where they see something that speaks to them.


The best part is that you don’t just go away inspired.


You can meet the builder and many of the subcontractors right there on the premises.  You can put your name in the spinner for free prizes and discounts when you add on or build your own home. You can talk to the people who made these amazing homes happen, and you can test your ideas, find pricing, and discuss the hard facts about what you want and hope for.


The parade home in Sandpoint, Idaho that speaks to you is waiting.