Custom dream homes. Palaces or cottages or cabins in the woods. We all have those dreams and we all would love to make them come true. Maybe now is your time. Maybe you finally get to design and build and live in that home that you have imagined and talked about and built, over and over again, on paper or in your spare moments in your car. You have probably gone through the Parade of Homes a few times, taken notice of cool features of Bed and Breakfast inns you have stayed in, and browsed online sites, looking and dreaming of what you would do if you could build your home exactly the way you want it.

Now is your time. Custom dream homes are our specialty, and we are here to make your dream home a solid, liveable place, right here, right now.

How do we do it? We have all the right people in all the right places, and we have a history in the area, so we can get your home built with minimal delays and lots of custom touches.

Ask any builder and they will tell you, a good home is all about who you know. Do you have a good architect? An engineer who can make sure your home will do and be exactly what you want?

The next step is taking those perfect plans and turning them into a home that functions in the way you like. We have subcontractors we have used for years, people we can trust to read the plans correctly and do exactly what is supposed to be done. And we can change on the fly when you have a new great idea before the building is finished. Want that dream home? Come see us.